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Buhari’s Independence Day Broadcast, An Insult —PDP

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Nigeria’s main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday said President Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence Day broadcast was an insult on the psyches of Nigerians.


The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan said this in a statement.
He stated that the speech was completely unpresidential, lacking in patriotic stance and replete with manifest inconsistencies, contradictions, paradoxes and false performance claims.
According to him, the broadcast further confirmed that Nigeria is perceived to be in wrong hands.
“The PDP notes that President Buhari, in his recorded address, failed to forcefully address the key issues of freedom, social justice, constitutional order, separation of powers, rule of law, human rights, credible elections, national cohesion, accountability and transparency in government; the very fundamentals of an independent state, because his administration had violated them all.
“The party regretted that President Buhari had no forceful reassurances on the challenge of escalated insecurity under his watch; he had no clear-cut and operable blueprint to revamp our economy, which his administration wrecked in a period of four years, resulting in so much hardship and despondency that Nigerians now resort to suicide and slavery abroad as options.
“Our party notes that this address further exposes that the Buhari presidency is not interested in nation-building; that it is completely disconnected from the people and remains insensitive to the plights of Nigerians.”
Ologbondiyan stated that if anything, Buhari only succeeded in further demonstrating that his administration is, indeed, in no position to deliver a credible, acceptable and satisfactory Independence Day address.
He added, “The dearth in foreign direct investment and the inhuman treatments being meted out on our citizens in countries where we were once held in very high esteem, are some of the injuries our nation is suffering under the Buhari administration.
“The party describes as depressing that while other leaders motivate their citizens on a day like this, President Buhari is presenting uninspiring claims, propaganda and empty promises.”

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