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BREAKING: Olawale, DG of NECA dies in Abuja

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The Director General of the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) Timothy Olawale is dead, according to a source close to the association.

Olawale, who was said to be in Abuja for a board meeting reportedly died on Friday while attending a meeting in the federal capital.

Global Financial Digest learned that the NECA DG attended a meeting on Thursday in Abuja and later attended another meeting on Friday and was on his seat when he could not get up and before help could get to him, he was gone.

Olawale was confirmed as the sustantive Director General of the association in January 2019, after six month in acting capacity.

He succeded Segun Oshinowo, who retired in December, 2018 after serving the association for 19 years.

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He has 29 years experience in Industrial Relations and Strategic Human Resource Management.

He is very reputable in the industry and is a fellow of Institute of Management Consultants.

Sources said his wife left Lagos for Abuja on Friday after the news of his husband death was broken to her by some of those who were at the meeting with him.

Before his new position, Olawale was the Director in charge of Membership Services, where he was said to have played key role in the membership development of the Association.

A graduate of Psychology from the University of Ibadan the new NECA boss also holds a master’s degree in Labour and Industrial Relations from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
He had served as Executive Secretary of Hotel and Personal Services Employers Association for five years before joining NECA in April, 2011.

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