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Boston University Professor criticizes President Tinubu’s handling of economic challenges

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Renowned Professor of Social Ethics at Boston University, Nimi Wariboko, has expressed concern over President Bola Tinubu’s performance, asserting that the president has yet to demonstrate effective governance since assuming office following the February 2023 presidential election victory under the All Progressives Congress (APC) banner.

Appearing on Inside Sources with Laolu Akande, broadcasted on Channels Television, Wariboko, an accomplished author and investment banker, opined that the president’s eight-month tenure has lacked a coherent plan to navigate critical issues, particularly in addressing the economic impact of policies such as the removal of petrol subsidies.

Criticizing the current administration’s approach, Wariboko characterized its policies as “knee-jerk reactions,” asserting a lack of visionary leadership.

He emphasized the urgency for a comprehensive strategy to tackle rising inflation, food inflation, forex crisis, economic hardship, and the soaring cost of living – issues that have triggered protests in various parts of Nigeria.

Contrary to the expectations placed upon Tinubu as a seasoned politician, Wariboko argued that tangible results and a clear vision for the country’s trajectory have yet to materialize.

He underscored the importance of accountability, referencing the biblical adage: “If your strength fails you on the day of adversity, it is small.”

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The economic challenges faced by Nigeria under the Tinubu administration, including the depreciation of the naira and the significant surge in petrol prices, have fueled discontent among citizens.

The naira, since the collapse of the foreign exchange window, has experienced a dramatic decline from N700/$1 in May to over N1500/$1 presently.

Similarly, the cost of Premium Motor Spirit (petrol) has risen by over 350%, escalating from N184 per litre in May to over N600, depending on the location.

Despite recent measures announced by the Federal Government, there is persistent dissatisfaction among Nigerians, with economists, opposition parties, labor unions, and civil society organizations calling for the fulfillment of campaign promises.

As the nation grapples with these economic challenges, the spotlight remains on President Tinubu’s administration to deliver tangible solutions and restore confidence in the country’s economic trajectory.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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