August 3, 2021
  • August 3, 2021
Bad Habits

Bad Habits That Actually Affect Your Health

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By Treasure Mayowa

There are many habits or things we do on a regular basis, some of them as routine and some of them as things that are necessary. From research and according to health specialists, there are certain behaviours or habits that we do that affect our health negatively or otherwise.

This article will review some.
1. Cleaning Your Ears
Clean your ears is something that is good and necessary. Health experts advice the cleaning of the ear. But, the cleaning of ears is not something to be done frequently. It has been discovered that in cleaning your ears with cotton buds, ear wax is also cleaned out.


This wax is useful as it helps to trap dust or dirt that may come into the ear. It also lubricates the ear carnal. Such wax is useful and is not so quickly replaced after cleaning it out.
Also, in cleaning your ears with cotton bud, avoid sticking it too deep into the ear. Sticking it deep makes it close to the ear canal which can damage the eardrum, thereby affecting hearing.

2. Using an Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is generally used as a waking reminder. “I got to wake up early, let me set my alarm clock.” But do you know an alarm clock can actually negatively affect your health?
Waking suddenly and without warning is not good for your body. This also includes shouting at someone to wake them up. This is not good and advised, as the brain is not yet alert.

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3. Smoking
Smoking is generally seen as a bad or illegal thing in some countries. Smoking affects your health a lot and does more bad than anything. It is known as the highest cause of lung disease and death caused by the lungs.

4. Playing loud music
Music is life and we all love music ranging from different genres. If you notice, when listening to music or any audio using a headphone on an android phone, as you increase the volume, they ask to confirm or warn you against. This warning is to protect your hearing. Listening to loud music for a long period of time actually can damage your hearing. It is advised to reduce the volume especially if you are going to listen to the music for a long time.

5. Drinking Water
Water is good, healthy, and needed for a healthy diet.Why ad How does it affect my health? Drinking while standing is actually an incorrect posture for drinking water. Drinking while standing does not allow the necessary organs to retain and assimilate the water before it gets digested. Sit down and drink.
Also, remember to drink water in small gulps and not straight on. It doesn’t affect your health much except you could choke and the water could go into the wrong place. Just sit down, have a nice glass of water gently and softly.

6. Nose Picking
Picking your nose is something we all did at some point in our lives. According to a study by Trusted Source, 91 percent of people who responded to the questionnaire reported they do it, while just 75 percent thought “everyone does it.”
However, this does not remove the health repercussion of picking your nose. When picking your nose, our fingernails usually leave cuts in the nasal tissue and could break delicate blood vessels. Our fingers can also transmit bacteria to our nose or vice versa.
Try not to pick that nose or at least reduce the frequency.

7. Drinking Energy Drinks
Energy drinks are used to get that extra boost to do work. But they also have their disadvantages. Energy drinks have a high amount of sugar levels in them. They are said to have about

8. Testing/Experimenting On Your Body
Avoid trying to do anything that you know is not good for you in an attempt to ‘try it out’. Things like trying to fast for an extended period of time, or trying to stay awake for a long time. There are some things are body can take. Avoid trying to do things you know your body can’t take. It not only affects your health negatively but also results in mood swings, cranking behaviour e.t.c

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