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Avanti Communications holds firm as Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading satellite capacity partner

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Avanti Communications, for the second consecutive year, has been named the market leader in high-throughput satellite capacity partnership in sub-Saharan Africa.

The accolade comes from the 20th edition of the NSR Satellite Capacity Supply & Demand Analysis reports, which highlight Avanti’s market share being more than twice that of its closest competitor.

As a reputable and comprehensive source for satellite capacity analysis within the industry, NSR’s annual report offers valuable insights into key market developments and dynamics.

Avanti has shown a strong commitment to Africa, aiming to accelerate growth in the region through local partnerships and the deployment of connectivity solutions.

The company’s strategy revolves around connecting remote rural communities and enhancing network resiliency for crucial communications infrastructure.

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So far, Avanti has successfully connected over 1,000 villages and schools across Africa, providing services in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, and South Sudan.

The company has ambitious plans to extend connectivity to an additional 10,000 sites across Africa over the next five years, thus impacting millions of lives and facilitating connected communities.

The CEO at Avanti Communications, Kyle Whitehill emphasized the significance of Africa in their business focus, stating, “Africa’s potential is limitless, and the role that we can play in unlocking this is providing connectivity solutions.

Connectivity is an enabler that provides vital resources and opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive, which is why we won’t stop until we have connected the 871 million people currently living without a basic internet connection.”

Having already invested over $800 million in Africa, Avanti has established a growing footprint across the continent, with more than a fifth of its employees stationed in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, and Benin.

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