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The RCCG novel example of creating a directorate of politics and governance

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The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) bucked the trend recently when the leadership of the church created a directorate of politics and governance to galvanize effective participation of members of the church in politics.

For the church, it was a novel move because the church has consistently been shying away from taking its rightful place in the governance of the country, leaving the scene to charlatans who often pretend to be part of the family of God.

The excuse of the church was that the game of politics is dirty and only those who are dirty and sometimes, the dregs of the society participate and play in the field.

The political space, particularly at the local level where the game usually begins, has been left for the dropout, the tout in the motor park, the market women and those who are considered outcasts, morally depraved and the desperados. As a result, the system has completely collapsed and we are all paying dearly for the neglect today.

The psalmist says; “They do not know, nor do they understand; They walk about in darkness; All the foundations of the earth are unstable.”  -Psalms 82:5

Nigeria is unstable today because Christians have abdicated their role in nation building and relinquished their God-ordained mission because of the misgiving they have about politics.

The move by the RCCG, though attracted a number of negative comments from those who would like to see the church continuously play the second fiddle, it remains the best in recent time to create awareness on the part of the church.

Those who think that the creation of the directorate of politics and governance by the church is meant to promote the ambition of a particular candidate should be careful not to cause disaffection within the fold and stir angst from the uninformed against a good and noble cause.

The church has a duty and responsibility to encourage its members, to participate in politics and help correct the ugly situation the country has found itself in today. Those who have shown interest to lead the country in the next election should come forward with their credentials and convince the church of their capabilities and show the reason why their aspiration should be supported and not by way of blackmailing the church to queue behind them.

The other religion had in the past exploited the meekness of the church to promote their own people for political office and no one had ever raised an eyebrow over such practice.

The church cannot continue to fold its hands and let the country go to the dog, the church must wake up to encourage as many members who would want to participate in partisan politics to rise up to the occasion.

First, we must all realize that the country belongs to us all regardless of religion and tribe and whatever befalls this country will definitely impact everyone.

Christians in politics who are supported by the church would not go out there to disgrace the church, rather such people would be mindful of the expectations of the church and the people who promote their aspirations.

Such persons would also be mindful of the fact that as believers, they are carrying the banner of Christ, our righteousness and knowing that they cannot stain the banner with corruption, injustice and wickedness that seems to have pervaded our politics today.

The church will surely not be part of the decay currently destroying the nation’s fabric because it’s well-positioned to light up the nation with fairness, justice and righteousness.

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The church is sure ready to serve as the moral compass of society and provide the required guidance that will ensure that the nation is brought back from the brink for the good of all.

No doubt the corrupt, the renege and those who had held our country hostage through corruption, injustice, and manipulation will sure not want the church to step up to its rightful place in governance and help correct the ills in our society.

And as long as the church remains on the sideline of politics, it would be hard for the nation to find its foot on firm ground and realize its potential.

So, the church should ignore the noise and the criticisms of the latest initiative by the RCCG, after all the Catholic Church has over the years established a similar directorate to monitor the going in society, promote the participation of members and encourage members to support any of their brethren who choose to take part in politics.

Some years back, there was a development in my community that led some group of people to make a move to change the leadership, it was the Catholic brethren within the community that was mobilized by their parish priest to thwart the plot to effect the change regardless of the merit.

Catholic brethren at every level, association and grouping will rather support their own irrespective of their strength and capability, this solidarity comes from the position of delibrate organization, mobilization and purposeful policy by the church.

I am equally aware that another religion has played a significant role in the enthronement of candidates of their choice in the country’s political affairs.

They have always influenced the direction of politics in the country, I just wonder why the church, especially the Pentecostal movement would not be encouraged to play their own part in ensuring the rebirth of the nation by way of supporting quality leadership.

Those who are critiquing the efforts of the church to step into politics with the aim of influencing some changes should realize that it was in the interest of all of us that the church should be encouraged to do what it ought to have been doing all the years past.

While it should not be expected that the church would always support its own regardless of the quality and ability to govern, it should be clear that the involvement of the church in politics would ensure an improved environment for politics and governance in the country.

The church surely will also support leaders who have proven their mettle and has the capacity to deliver good governance regardless of religion or tribe. The most important thing is that the church will serve as society’s moral compass and ensure that we always get it right.

This is the reason I would like to call for support, solidarity and encouragement of the effort of church to step up effort to contribute its own quota to rescue the country from the hands of the jackals that have wreck havoc on the economy and the politics at large.

It’s time for everyone, noble and just to rise up to rescue this country from descending into the abyss. The recruitment of leadership should not be left in the hands of the politicians, rather, all men of goodwill, from civil society groups, Labour unions, professional bodies, religious bodies and all who are yearning for good governance should step forward to ensure that the country gets it right in 2023.

Since the advent of democracy in the past twenty-three years, the country has continued to slip down the slope because the recruitment into leadership positions in the country has been left in the hands of those who are the reason for the nation to be where we are today.

Those who are the reasons for our backwardness definitely should not be the ones to dictate the direction the country should go or be part of the solution to our challenges because they do not possess what it takes to bring about resolution of the myriad of challenges currently facing the country.

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