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APC politics of Muslim-Muslim ticket, presidential parties in Daura vs London

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The parties in Daura and London

As Nigerians go through excruciating economic pain two parties have taken place involving top government officials. Such wasteful public expenditures have left us in the deep economic valley that we are in today.

In one party President Buhari in Daura is hosting all APC Governors and party leaders in a celebration that betrays their lack of empathy for the general suffering of most ordinary people. A religious holiday has been turned into a mighty public spending issue.

All the Governors travelled there with private jets with top security coverage in the violence-prone state. What religious obligation demands for these high public expense visits which achieve nothing in improving the welfare of the people? Maybe a celebration of the security failure at Kuje which put back to the society 63 insurgents of the worst category.

The second party in London hosted four governors just to celebrate the graduation of the son of their colleague who has just graduated from University. The son’s mates in Nigeria have been at home for four months now. This event involves public money on travel and accommodation and security for the Governors and their aides.

The two wasteful public expenditures involve APC and PDP, the leading political parties in Nigeria.

These wasteful public spendings at this difficult time are what have strained our national wealth, putting more Nigerians into the poverty valley.

Profligate living by our governments.

Prodigal living by our government officials.

Do something with your PVC.

Who are President Buhari’s followers?

As holidaying Baba left the praying ground in his hometown, Daura yesterday he performed his routine long walk to his official car, and a large crowd of admirers hailed him. He returned their gesture with smiles and waved his hand.

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A day or two earlier baba’s advance party was attacked by reportedly a band of terrorists, numbering about 300 on motorcycles.

Note the number, up to 300. Note the medium of movement: motorcycles.

Katsina is the President’s home state. It possibly comes second to Kaduna state in the number of daily incidents of violence, including kidnappings, killings and wilful destruction of public infrastructure.

I repeat that that’s the President’s home state. They troop out to welcome him. They also troop out in large numbers to conduct acts of violence, and banditry. They live there.

Any difference in the two large crowds who live there? Very likely the same people. No restraining influence on anyone. In fact, Governor Aminu Maseri has asked the people to defend themselves. The state is very unsafe.

Who then are followers of the President who turn out un-attacked each time to welcome and hail their leader?

Your Religion Matters in Nigeria

They must obey the Federal character on diversity balancing demand in our Constitution.

NorthEast Christians are good enough to be VP.

Use your PVC and check religious domination.

Don’t allow them to sell you and your religion to buy political power.

Even 14year old Leah Sharibu refused to deny her Christianity to save her life.

Also, remember that Judas Iscariot was a disciple of Jesus Christ. He sold his boss and kissed him to give his identity to the enemy.

In the end, Judas committed suicide and did not benefit from the loot.

Use your PVC and preserve our country and her Constitution (federal character demand of diversity preservation).

Wooing Wike to APC, a pure wasteful exercise

Four Southwest Governors were in Port Harcourt yesterday, Friday to persuade Governor Nyesom Wike to port to their party, APC.

Chances are less than 10% that they would succeed. Wike is more clever to be fooled into the camp of his arch enemies, principally Rotimi Amaechi.

Wike is prosecuting Amaechi in a case of billions of naira missing after sales of Rivers state assets. The beneficiary allegedly was APC Presidential campaigns of General Buhari.

It’s true that Atiku hasn’t held the necessary reconciliation dialogue with Wike. But the newly discovered love for Wike is planted on quicksand which has no firm roots and hence can’t grow.

Wike can’t fall for this type of love which will end immediately Wike delivers 2023 Presidential election votes to Jagaban.

I can bet my bottom dollar that the mission to recruit Wike into APC is dead on arrival.

The mode of the South-South favours Labour Party and Peter Obi, if the zone abandons PDP and Atiku.

South-South can influence events in PDP national government with South-South VP or Peter Obi with his reforms program than Jagaban’s government.

South West leaders hardly understand the feelings of the South-South. They always believe that South-South should be dictated to. But we have always known what we want.

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