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‘America is back,’ Biden declares as he pushes past Trump era with nominees

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It was a declaration many in America, and across the globe, were waiting to hear for four years, but also one that would have caused consternation among others in the U.S. and beyond.

“America is back,” President-elect Joe Biden said as he formally introduced his national security team, his first substantive offering of how he’ll shift from Trump-era “America First” policies by relying on experts from the Democratic establishment to be some of his most important advisers, Alexandra Jaffe, Matthew Lee and Aamer Madhani report.

Biden’s Washington veterans all have ties to the Obama administration as the president-elect has sought to deliver a clear message about his desire to reestablish a more predictable engagement from Washington in the global arena.

Analysis: The first wave of Biden Cabinet picks and choices for White House staff has prized staying power over star power, with a premium placed on government experience and proficiency as he looks to rebuild a depleted and demoralized federal bureaucracy. With an eye in part toward making selections who may have to seek approval from a Republican-controlled Senate, Biden prioritized choosing qualified professionals while eschewing flashy names. Competence is making a comeback, Jonathan Lemire writes.

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Senate Confirmations: While Biden started rolling out his administrative team, one voice has been notably silent: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Senate Republicans will hold great sway in confirming or denying Biden’s Cabinet nominees, regardless of which party controls the narrowly split Senate. But key Republican senators, including the GOP leader, are keeping quiet for now, Lisa Mascaro and Matthew Daly report.

Trump Transition: He says he’s not giving up his fight to overturn the election results, even as agencies across the federal government begin to support Biden’s incoming administration.

Career federal officials are opening the doors of agencies to hundreds of transition aides ready to prepare for Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration.

Trump signed off on allowing Biden to receive the presidential daily brief, the highly classified briefing prepared by the nation’s intelligence community for the most senior leaders, Zeke Miller reports.

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