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Adam Nuru and FCMB in the eyes of the storm: Fresh perspective on issues involved

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By Oludare Mayowa

Let me be upfront with you all on the above subject so as to clear all doubts about my possible interest and role in the unfolding saga dominating social and traditional media in recent time.

I am not a customer of First City Monument Bank (FCMB), neither a shareholder nor beneficiary of the bank in any form or shade.

My last meeting with the founder of the bank, Otunba Subomi Balogun was more than 12 years ago at his country home in Ijebu Ode in the company of other financial journalists in the course of his handing over a health facility built at his home town to the Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye.

The clarifications become necessary at this point in time to disabuse the mind of readers on the reason I am taking this particular line of thought on the ranging controversy over the bank and its chief executive officer, Adam Nuru.

My focus is to examine the issue involved holistically and help to remove the shaft from the wheat so that people could have another perspective to the issue concerned.

There are major outcries against the CEO of FCMB by some interest group over the alleged circumstantial role played by Nuru in the death of a young man, Tunde Thomas, who was reportedly died due to cardiac arrest in his home recently.

However, social media and traditional media have been buzz up on campaigns to have Nuru sack from his position as the CEO of FCMB over his adulterous act with the ex-wife of the diseased which many people are linking to the sudden death of Thomas.

The story goes thus, that Nuru had engaged in an adulterous relationship with the wife of Thomas, Moyo Thomas (Nee Ojo) while she was a staff of the bank. The amorous relationship was said to have produced two children which Thomas’s ex-wife passed on to her husband as belonging to him.

In the course of time, the ex-wife having realised her evil and ungodly action, resigned from her job at the bank and ran away from Nigeria to the United States (US) and later told her husband that the children he was calling his are not really his own.

This understandably was said to have resulted in Thomas to have suffered stroke and heartbreak for which he later recovered from.

He was also said to have moved on with his life to the extent that he was in the process of getting married to another lady, who is said to be pregnant before his sudden death recently.

A number of sympathisers have concluded that the death of Thomas was directly connected to the heartbreak he suffered due to his ex-wife’s treacherous behaviors and therefore believed that Nuru was precariously liable and responsible as well.

While in my view, both Nuru and Thomas ex-wife are guilty of treacherous and adulterous behaviors which deserved to be condemned by all, the campaign being launched by Thomas’s sympathisers and family members against FCMB and its CEO seems misplaced and canny.

Without fear of being labeled a supporter of the adulterous act, the two people involved are adults who must have understood the implications of their actions and possible consequences if found out as the case now.

From all indications, it has not been established that the CEO of FCMB breached any regulation that has to do with his job at the bank nor violated any ethical rule in the course of his relationship with Thomas ex-wife.

While Nuru by implication may be morally guilty in engaging in adulterous relationship with a married woman working under him, his culpability is limited to a moral burden rather than ethical issues as far as I am concern.

The bank should be spared the unnecessary campaign that could impinge on its capital reputation and on the long run lead to a major run on its operations.

From my position as a financial journalist of many years, I understand the implications and the damage the negative campaign against the financial institution owned by many investors could cause to the image, operations and even existence of the bank and the investment of shareholders and the future of many of it innocent employees.

The act allegedly done by the bank CEO was not within his official call of duty nor in any way violates ethical practice that has to do with his profession.

Whipping up sentiments against the bank could be counterproductive and unearth some other issues which ordinarily are best left in the dark concerning the diseased.

The campaign is bringing out some unexploited angle to the saga that the diseased could have had infertility issues and this could be the cause of his sudden death and having realised once again that the pregnant by his would-be bride may not also belong to him as well.

This is damage the campaign could do to the memory of the deceased and at the end of the day, even though he is dead, yet this could erode whatever image he must have built over the years while on the part of this great divide.

The bank could not possibly sack its CEO over the scandalous amorous relationship with an ex-staff because they would not be able to defend such action under its internal rules and regulations unless it can be proven that such could threaten the stability and existence of the bank.

After all, sacking Nuru from his job is not a sufficient punishment for his adulterous action against an innocent man who had unknowingly trained and nurtured children that are not his, only to realise later that he has been fooled by the wife he so much loved and trusted.

My appeal is that both family and friends of the deceased should allow the sleeping dog to lie and hand Nuru to the judgment of God, who is able to dispense justice without partiality.

Destroying an innocent corporate citizen who does not hold precarious liability to the amorous action of his employee is not fair and should be discontinued in the interest of all.

Besides, if every organization has to resort to sacking their employee based on such allegations, then many great organizations would not be standing today as they would have lost many goods hands who are without moral standing.

Adulterous acts are commonplace and rampant in many public and private institutions in the country that it will take great efforts to purge the system of it without causing irreparable damage to the system.

For a man who was married not to have by accident any input in the birth of the two children passed on to him speak volume of the underneath issue he knowingly or unknowingly nurtured while alive.

For the memory of the deceased and to allow him to sleep well, those who are promoting the campaign should sheath their sword and let the sleeping dog lies so as not to unravel unpalatable issues that could rubbish the memory of Tunde Thomas.

My belief in God has taught me that nobody with evil act will get away with whatever evil they have done to another human, either here or beyond, there is always a pay day for every evil act of man.

Nuru and his co-conspirator would have their day before the creator of heaven and earth and they will surely atone for their sins when the time comes.

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