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Access to broadband, other technology tools mandatory for growth, prosperity ~Osinbajo

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By Treasure Mayowa


Access to broadband and other technology tools has become compulsory for any community that seeks meaningful growth, prosperity, and security for its people, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Speaking at the lunch of the Ogun State digital economy empowerment project on Thursday, Osinbajo said digital Technology is the future of all aspects of human existence.

“Business, education, healthcare, governance, security, and the practice of every profession, are either already digitally based or will become so in the coming months and years.

“Someone said digital technology is to development today, what electricity was to development in the 19th and 20th century.

“Making it available to all our citizens and businesses is the most farsighted action any government can take today,” the Vice President said.

Osinbajo said Ogun State has taken the lead in digital technology in Nigeria by this first-of-its-kind massive investment in the digital infrastructure ‘in our great State.’

“We are not just talking about the future, its challenges, and opportunities, we are, by the launching of the Ogun State Digital Economy Empowerment Project, taking hold of the future and we are set to define it in our own terms,” Osinbajo stated.

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The VP commended the Ogun governor, Dapo Abiodun, who he described as a “futuristic, dynamic, innovative, and digitally compliant Governor.”

“By bringing last-mile broadband access to homes, businesses, and offices in Ogun State, you are opening up Ogun State residents and businesses digitally, not just across Nigeria, but to the entire universe.”

He said the project is a critical component of the present administration objective of broadband connectivity for all by 2023.    

Osinbajo said the country must press on in its quest to democratize access to the internet.

“We are pursuing this cause because we recognize that internet access and broadband penetration will become existential in a few short years and will determine our competitiveness in the global economy. 

“Through judicious investments in the right infrastructure, Ogun State has positioned itself to become a major global site of the emergent innovation economy.

“I believe that bridging the digital divide in the State will also lead to improved education outcomes and provide opportunities for improved access to education across the State and at different levels starting from primary to tertiary education,” said the VP. 

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