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4G LTE Partnership to provide cost-effective broadband across Nigerian cities

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AG Placid announces plans to deploy 4G LTE cost-effective Internet Access using Tazca Connects LTE-as-a-Service in Nigeria  for their Metropolitan Wireless Network in Calabar, Gombe and Lafia expanding Broadband Access to businesses, government, hospitals, schools and individuals.
AG Placid’s CEO, Beshel Ikwen stated that, “Tazca Connects LTE offering, backed by Lemko Corporation’s distributed LTE architecture that virtualizes the mobile core, was selected due to the need for a truly cost-effective 4G LTE solution that would enable an affordable Metropolitan Wireless Network to be deployed in  Nigeria. Tazca Connects has driven the wireless Internet costs down to that of wireline economics, enabling new services like HD video conferencing and medical imaging for Telemedicine.”
Tazca Connects high speed Internet service will be powered by an innovative LTE software platform from Lemko Corporation, bringing cost-effective 4G LTE connectivity in  Nigeria,  West Africa. The LTE fixed wireless broadband service in  Nigeria  will be deployed with advanced features on a virtualized software
platform at each cell site, directly connecting to the cloud.
The benefits results in lower up-front capital expenses and ongoing operational costs.
“Our Internet Access partnership in  Nigeria  is a global growth generator for West Africa.  It confirms that powerful software, combined with a powerful vision, can connect people anywhere on Earth with cost-effective, carrier-grade LTE services,” said  Michael Sisto, Vice President of Sales at Tazca Connects.
“We are pleased to show that with Tazca Connects, the economic and social benefits of expanding Internet Access can become an affordable reality anywhere.
With 4G LTE, AG Placid will be able to support Telehealth services across Nigeria  and support  Nigeria’s  healthcare networks with greater access to medical specialists using 4G LTE video.  Tazca Connects enables Operators to deploy wireless networks economically, as they would any IT enterprise solution
or Internet of Things (IoT) application,” said Sisto.  
“Our main focus is  Nigeria  and West Africa.  We are passionate about building networks that not only are profitable, but also change the lives of our customers for good. We are also determined to bring down the costs of data per Gigabyte in  Nigeria. AG-Placid believes that what is worth doing is worth doing well, and so our partnership with Tazca Connects was achieved through painstaking research that took over a year. We are delighted that in Tazca Connects we found a dedicated and professional team that shares our vision for the telecommunication industry. AG-Placid is confident that our LTE network when operational would be the best and the network of choice in  Nigeria,” said AG Placid’s CEO, Beshel Ikwen.

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